There are many reasons to start an orchard as a professional venture. There is certainly a need for it, especially among those who are interested in food produced through sustainable agriculture.

As with any business, it will take some time before profits start to generate. An orchard will take some time to begin producing fruit on a profitable scale, and there is a learning curve to managing the business. It’s likely not something you will be good at from day one, but it’s well worth the effort.

Choosing Your Trees

The first and most important step to launching an orchard is to choose the trees you wish to plant and grow. You should take several factors into account. Firstly, you should choose trees that will thrive in your specific climate, and ensure you have the resources and knowledge necessary to care for them.

Secondly, consider market force. You want trees that will be profitable, whose products you can sell. This requires research, to see what types of fruit are in high demand in your area.

Choosing a Site

Once you’ve decided what to grow, you will need to choose where to grow it. The site will be your biggest expense, and once you’ve chosen the land there is little you can do to change the soil quality. Soil should be fertile, with enough access to water and sunlight. Ideally, it should also be protected from high, strong winds. It is also important to consider how the site is oriented, as it will be less fruitful when facing south.

Once you know what you’ll grow you need to choose where you plan to grow it. The site is also going to be the biggest expense you have as a business and once you choose it, there’s really little you can do to change the soil.

To Buy or Rent?

Whether to buy or rent your land can be a major decision. Purchasing land upfront is a large expense, but renting can be even more expensive in the long run. There is also the matter of long-term planting. The main thing to decide is how much of a chance your business has to truly succeed. If you feel your orchard will be lucrative for years to come, purchasing your land may be the best decision.

Who Are Your Buyers?

It is also important to know who your buyers are, and who your produce is for. There are many ways to make money from an orchard, but the two most popular options are to sell fruit to farmers markets, or to companies as a resource for their products. The first option allows you to sell to multiple vendors at once, thus securing multiple income streams. The second is done on a larger scale, but can often be more lucrative.

Maintaining the Orchard

Employees are the most important resource for any business, and this is the case for orchards as well. They must be maintained and organized with regularity and care. Tasks such as planting, watering and pruning can often be done by seasonal workers, or you can opt to hire a crew to maintain your orchard from start to finish. It depends on what kinds of workers are available to you in your area.

Administration and Marketing

It is important to note that an orchard is a business, so you need a team for the back-office portion of the company. This means finding an accountant and financial advisor to guide you through the ins and outs of setting up a business.

You’ll also need someone to assist with the marketing portion of the job. Orchards must be marketed just like any other business, and it’s often best to focus on marketing within the industry, instead of only to consumers.


Orchards are one of the most lucrative farming ventures you can launch, but careful planning is key to an orchard’s success.



Date:Aug 9, 2019

Category:Local Agriculture, References

Tags:agriculture, farming, investment

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