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On the ground workers and places focused on regenerative agriculture in real time. These are the spearheads of the regenerative movement, of a commitment to soil health, and of redefining our relationship to the food we grow and raise. Many sell directly to consumers online, or provide a glimpse into their world and what it takes to heal the earth.

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Joyce Farms

Located in Winston-Salem in North Carolina, Joyce Farms was started in 1962 by Alvin Joyce. Through the years, the farm has developed from “selling just chickens to raising the very best all-natural poultry, beef, and game for the top chefs, artisanal butchers, and educated consumers across the U.S.”

Polyface Farms

The farm of the one-and-only Lunatic Farmer, Joel Salatin. Polyface Farms was purchased by his parents in 1961, and was a gullied, arid piece of land that many would have considered un-arable. Through unconventional farming methods that today would be called regenerative, they planted trees, rotated their livestock and helped to restore the farm to what it is today: one of America’s premier non-industrial food production havens.

Apricot Lane Farms

This farm based not far from L.A. in southern California was recently immortalized through their internationally-touring documentary The Biggest Little Farm, which chronicles their initial start up and subsequent successful establishing of their 213-acre regenerative farm. They use regenerative soil methods that cycle the nutrients, to feed the plants, inform the flavors, and heal the environment.

White Oak Pastures

Starting in 1995, White Oak Pastures transitioned away from industrial agriculture techniques and began operating their farm as a living ecosystem. Their lands are holistically managed to become increasingly a living organic medium that is teeming with life. Every day, they butcher meat from animals raised in a regenerative manner using humane animal management practices and with a zero-waste policy. Their meats and farms are one of the most well-known and successful in the movement.

Acres USA – Ranches

A print publication subscription that is “the only national magazine that offers a comprehensive guide to sustainable agriculture.” Drawing on knowledge accumulated during more than 45 years of continuous publication, they write about the latest techniques for growing bountiful, nutritious crops and healthy, vibrant livestock.