Understanding regenerative principles and their many applications can be difficult to navigate. We have compiled the lists below, helping to point you in the right direction of the wealth of resources available: podcasts, books, magazines, real-life farms and, even, ‘celebrities’ of the industry.

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Books, Films & Magazines

If you’re searching for deeper information on agricultural practices, hard-hitting documentaries, or in-depth knowledge of the regenerative movement, look no further. This list provides some of the key texts as starter-for-ones, so you can begin your regenerative journey. We’ve compiled some of our favourite resources, that we feel are helpful in providing a good, solid foundation to understand the how’s and the why’s of the regenerative movement.

Podcasts, Blogs & Videos

Want to learn more about regenerative agriculture straight from the horse’s mouth? This is the place to find the best podcasts, blogs, and free videos to watch and listen to. Each of the recommendations below focus on agriculture and soil health, hoping to describe the nitty-gritty details of everyday farm life, or how you can incorporate regenerative thinking into your everyday life – even if you don’t have a plot of land!

Farms & Ranches

On the ground workers and places focused on regenerative agriculture in real time. These are the spearheads of the regenerative movement, of a commitment to soil health, and of redefining our relationship to the food we grow and raise. Many sell directly to consumers online, or provide a glimpse into their world and what it takes to heal the earth.

Service Providers & Manufacturers

Service providers and producers of manufacturing equipment that specialize in the regenerative farming industry, or support similar, ‘beyond organic’ production methods. They may be consultants, or create equipment that minimizes the impact on the earth, while supporting natural soil health and biodiversity.


The premier folks that are heading up the regenerative movement now. Some of these have become celebrities in their own right, through their commitment to regenerative practices and helping to educate and spread the word about its possibilities. Each one a personality, many with hard-earned experience, and fountains of knowledge.


In this section, you will find resources and links to various organizations that are participating in the regenerative movement. They may be policymakers, soil-healers, facilitators, or educators; all working towards the same goal of healing our soil by shifting land-use perceptions.

Food Brands

These brands are intentionally committed to using ingredients that come from regenerative farming practices. This list is growing fast, as the importance of going ‘beyond organic’ is increasingly at the forefront of the conversation surrounding sustainability and environmentalism.