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What does localism mean for farmers?

There’s a word that’s coming up a lot lately in regards to dealing with how covi19 pandemic affects the farming industry. It’s not new for those who care about sustainable farming, but it may be for the general public. The world is localism....

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The problems with our food supply systems

Global food supply systems are what we all rally on for food and we usually don’t think about them or how they are structured. They just work and the food finds its place on our tables. That’s how things are most of the time, but the global...

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How Corona Virus is impacting the environment?

There are countless ways corona virus will affect our society and some of them we could expect while others came out of nowhere and they are making us rethinking how things were before. One of those is the effect it has on the environment....

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Not Enough Help for Farmers selling Locally

The government has put out a plan for helping farmers during the pandemic. The plan is rather comprehensive and it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, concerns have already been expressed about those farmers who wouldn’t be able...

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The importance of decentralization for farmers

Thankfully we don’t need to think about how the food that lands in our plant gets there and the systems to do that in an easy way are mostly put in place. However, this isn’t to say that they are perfect and the events such as this pandemic,...

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How Fragile is our Meat Production System?

Big meat supply chains are a part of how most Americans get their food and one that we all rally on. Those systems were taken for granted and now with the spread of the corona virus and the governmental response to it, it has become clear...

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Is there Eco Friendly Meat

Meat production takes a toll on the environment and more and more consumers are looking for ways to reduce their meat consumption or to find an eco-friendlier alternative. For some, this means abandoning meat altogether, but that’s a drastic...

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6 Tips on Repairing Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is a common problem and one that can damage a farm greatly. Sustainable farming options are often a solution to this and they allow the farm to repair the eroded soil and to remain profitable long after the problem has come...

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