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Why Small Farms Are a Key Element in Economic Recovery

It seems that one key element to our economic recovery may lie in the food production of small and local farms.

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Additional Aid Needed for Farmers Selling Locally

Aid to America’s farmers is welcome, but the flaws in its distribution are impossible to ignore. 

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Investing in Green Agriculture

There are many ways to invest in green agriculture and they are all beneficial for your bottom line.

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How to Diversify Farming Income

Business owners are often advised to diversity their income, in order to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

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Cons of Agricultural Subsidies

There are many ways in which a government can help small farmers, but the most common methods are through the use of tax breaks and governmental subsides.

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Pros of Agricultural Subsidies

The government is very much involved in aiding and regulating agricultural businesses. This is true for sustainable, eco-friendly farms as well.

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